Why Gemango?

Find out why other successful companies rely on Gemango for transformation, innovation, and optimization.

At Gemango we try to make the difference with our bigger colleagues to focus on the hurtles we encountered ourselves during outsourcing projects prior to the setup of Gemango Software Servies Inc. We cannot stress enough the importance of our 2 main pillars "Communication and Documentation". The key to transparency.

We don't believe in pure sales representatives, rather each of Gemango's representative has a decent background in remote project management and will follow up your project at all times. All our representatives frequently travel between the local offices and the development team itself in the Philippines to optimize cooperation and so making us one of the few that actually meet one to one with the local engineers and your engineers in your office frequently.

If in any case problems arise your representative is just a local phone call away in your own language or a meeting at your office.

Because our representatives have a decent technical and usability background rather than a pure sales profile they can perfectly collaborate with your project management or local engineers and actively participate in problem solving, usability designing and all this in your language in your office.

Unlike other outsourcing companies in the region, Gemango Software Services Inc. is fully owned by the European management team and has no silent or unknown investors.

We handle very competitive rates and guarantee that our pricing models is 30 to 50% lower than classic near shore outsourcing in Eastern Europe or the major players in India.

Your own dedicated remote teams:

We prefer to start with a "low volume model" if it comes to setting up remote teams. Meaning, we rather start with 1 or 2 persons giving you the time to adjust to the new way of working rather than with a minimum of 5 or 10, like most of our colleagues require. This gives you a much better chance to anticipate and optimize the requirements.

On a quarterly base each project and employee is evaluated to optimize the productivity. In worst case situation your representative travels to our main office in the Philippines to resolve the matter locally.

We don't use any ‘lock-in'-formula. If it doesn't work after all, just respecting local labor code of letting people go can end the partnership. Nevertheless are we proud to state that not one single partnership has been canceled so far in our 5 years of existence prior to successfully ending a project as planned.

You can be in direct contact with your developers, artists or agents at all times if required, so no unexpected staff change or project shift without your knowledge.

We provide life video feeds and daily reportings so you can have a visual on your dedicated team at all times if needed.

We help you with setting up Voip hardware in your local office, assist in guiding your remote team and help you to optimize the operations with your offshore team.

Support in people retention: With knowledge of local needs and requirements we can advise how to get the remote workers more involved in your project, negotiate target incentives and other stimulators.

We assist in al Visa application in case they need a local training at your office, all trainings can be covered by contractual bonds.

We encourage you to activaly get involved with your remote team to visit at least once or twice a year your local team in the Philippines.

Cebu is perfectly located to combine your business travel with a vacation or city trip to one of the many major locations around. (Singapore, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur, Bali, Phuket, Bangkok, Taipei,etc.)


"Still not convinced? Get in contact with one of our representatives and join them on their next trip to Cebu to show you the region and how we work."