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    Create and
    sustain beneficial
    partnerships with
    like-minded people.

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    Cross the border!
    Source globally,
    sell locally.

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    Never waste a good crisis
    Rethink your resources.

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    Just try it!
    Outsource with
    the underdog.

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    We create and service
    your scalable, cost effective
    development teams.

 Remote Teams

Your own dedicated offshore team working exclusively for you and controlled by you.

Social Media

Really talk to your customer with your own Facebook application.

 Mobile Development

Transfer or extend your business with a powerful iPhone/iPad application.


 Design Services

Your designing or image processing needs at a fraction of the cost.

Gemango Software Services Inc. designs, delivers and supports technology-enabled business solutions to help you accelerate and optimize your productivity, reduce your costs, and optimize your business processes. We provide competitive outsourcing services from our headquarters in the Philippines combined with European project management, assuring you that we understand the language, business culture, and expectations of Western-based IT-organizations.

These respected companies worked already with us, why are you waiting?

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