Who is Gemango?

Gemango Software Services Inc. is an outsourcing and offshore service provider specializing in serving the SME markets in Western Europe where we want you to do what the big spenders do without the necessity to spent big.

Primarily we do not only follow the traditional IT outsourcing model of project-based services for big and long term projects, instead we offer our clients also the opportunity to establish their own dedicated department in The Philippines or to outsource, completely or partially, your software development or services. This is equivalent to having your in-house specialists but for a significantly lower cost and less administrative nuisances.

Our unique business model merges the human element with IT to not only help companies to grow, but provide ongoing resources that sustain growth with the flexibility to scale up or down as markets shift. Gemango clients can gain control over their IT processes and systems and get more value from the resources they already have.

Established in late 2008 by Mr. Monnissen Gert, Gemango Software Services Inc. has offices in Asia (The Philippines and Singapore),  Europe (Belgium) , US (Chicago) and a continuous number of independent representatives/project managers in other regions.

Mr. Monnissen Gert, active in the software industry for more than 17 years in both technical and managerial positions has been involved in many outsourced projects in the past and knows from hands on that making an outsourcing project successful you have to take in account many factors and realize this is a complete different ball game then adding extra workers in your own office, communicate in your own language and sharing the same social habits.

Gemango Software Services Inc. has been established based on that background and we strive to define our own unique GOP’s (Good Outsourcing Practices) where our 2 main pillars are Documentation and Communication.