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Advertisement budgets for local elections in Belgium are regulated by law and limits the candidates' exposure. Together with Cardino, Gemango developed a game to give several political candidates exposure in a social game. The target is that the game for all candidates that participated to run for a seat in their town hall to try and break down the town hall and defeat the current mayor to replace him/her.

All players could post their score on their facebook wall to challenge their friends how fast they were able to successfully replace a particular candidate in the town hall. In the meantime, each candidate's name/url and town is mentioned on all the players Facebook wall.

The local media picked up the game and it went viral in no time. One newspaper "De Morgen" even called it "The local N-VA has won the first price for the most original election campaign ever. "

See what the media said about the game:

Url: ( limited time online for the Belgian election on Oct 14 2012)
Technical Specs:
Real physics programming, Facebook Social, custom PHP
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