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In the run towards the Belgium elections in 2010, an application was built that would estimate the popularity of all politicians running for the Senaat and the Kamer. Pictures of all the candidates were shown on one page where their popularity would determine the size of their picture. Popularity was counted by means of SMS voting (0.5€/sms). All party and candidate data was integrated in the system and each candidate had their unique ID. Voting was done by a SMS short code and the top 5 was published daily on the homepage of and and printed daily in the newspapers. The system showed all voting in real time. As soon as an SMS for a voting was received this data was sent towards the browsers and where a character would walk over the screen, pull out a ladder to climb to the picture of the voter, and adjusted the size of the image.

Technical Specs:
More than 24,000 SMS were sent during the 10 days towards the elections. At peak moments more than 150,000 concurrent connections to the database caused delivery delays to the real time system. The popularity of the system became a load problem for the servers since at peak more than 150,000 concurrent connections were counted since many viewers left the browser window open for hours to see the real time voting which was viewed in a full screen flexible, real time scaling flash application with animation.

* nominated for the IFRA 2010 award ( World Association of Newspapers and Publishers.
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