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Project name:

Treasure Hunt (Schattenjacht)

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Starting at 6 pm daily on the popular website viewers could see an image of a certain town within Limburg, where each 2 minutes more of the picture became visble. The first one to recognize the location and appeared at that specific location would win a bicycle. It was a success where the province of Limburg was promoted as a cycling paradise.

Technical Specs:
An interface was build for the manual start of the promotion where the journalist in charge just selected an image and press start. At that point the image was cut into 30 pieces and in real time distributed over a 3rd party CDN network of web servers placed all over Europe each 2 minutes to protect fraud and to allow the high demand of traffic. Since viewers by nature would try to manually refresh the page in the hope to see the next image faster and all open web browser which would request the new image each 2 minutes or others who would try to find the next file on the server before it was published.
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