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Project name: Hot or Not dynamic Facebook application CMS

Description:, a sister website of and targeted towards trendy female readers, was looking for a Facebook promotional system where user input can be collected about the popularity of lifestyle items. The whole system was integrated in Facebook and the portal with a back end where all data can be changed. Facebook user wall posts data can be downloaded in a workable Excel format. Advertisers could be attracted per item and participate in the gathered data.

All users of this special granted Facebook application access to their Facebook wall and approved to receive promotional emails. Those collected email addresses are very valued since they are collected based on the user's interests.

An individual post was made on the users Facebook wall after they participated and automatically their Facebook friends could see the result on the main page with a percentage showing how their choices matched the choices of their Facebook friends who also participated.

Technical Specs:
PHP, MySQL, Facebook API and server integration on DNS level.
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