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To give you an idea about our work, we listed below several of our projects to illustrate we are able to serve a broad audience in several industries.

  • homepage thumb

    Project title: Cointreau Fizz Cocktail

    Partners: Cointreau, JUSt Agency
    Categories: web development, entertainment, high traffic, voting, instagram, mobile
    Description: To promote the Cointreau Fizz Cocktail, a promo team would be present on all major events this summer serving Cointreau cocktails from out of a mobile bar... read more

  • tomorrow thumb2

    Project title:Tomorrowland

    Partners: Tomorrowland
    Categories: Encoding
    Description: For the 10th edition of Tomorrowland music festival, artist Arne Quinze build a permanent art related bridge in the Provincial park "De Schorre" in more

  • sbs thumb1

    Project title:

    Categories: High traffic webdev, community platform, the nr.1 entertainment news site in Belgium hired Gemango to build their new platform. Drupal was chosen for the base architecture to create the multiple custom plugins to manage the data... read more

  • ekonomika thumb2

    Project title:

    Partners: KU Leuven, Ekonomika Alumni VZW
    Categories: web development, community, e-commerce
    Description: Gemango was hired to update the Drupal 5 website for the Ekonomika Alumni group form the KUL ( Leuven University). The website and existing data (+ 22.000 members) was upgraded to Drupal 7... read more

  • support your runner

    Project title: Support Your Runner

    Partners: Concentra, Mediahuis, Golazo
    Categories: web developemnt, entertainment, high traffic
    Description: The successful first version of the Support Your Runner system, used in several local marathons in Belgium got an upgrade, both in back and front end... read more

  • sys thumb1

    Project title: Support Your Store

    Partners:, Concentra, Mediahuis
    Categories: web development, entertainment, high traffic
    Description: did a promo campaign together with local retailers and government to promote local retail stores. Their popular Support your Runner app redesigned to fit... read more

  • redstarline thumb1

    Project title: Red Star Line

    Partners:, Concentra, Mediahuis, Red star line museum , City of Antwerp, pure-communications
    Categories: web development, entertainment, high traffic
    Description: To celebrate the opening of the famous Red Star line museum in Antwerp, Gva asked Gemango to create an interface where you could search for... read more

  • carlsberg thumb1

    Project title: Carlsberg take-off

    Partners: Carlsberg, JUSt Agency, Square Melon, Salto Marketing
    Categories: Facebook promo application to support the offline promo team
    Description: Carlsberg sampling team would visit several clubs in the weekends and take pictures of a group of friends and asked them to login on an ipad app... read more

  • clinitude thumb1

    Project title:

    Partners: Clinitude
    Categories: corporate web development
    Description: Gemango was asked to create a Wordpress custom themed site for Clinitude so they could do their own updates easily... read more

  • concentra thumb1

    Project title: - hbvl/local

    Partners:,, Concentra, Mediahuis
    Categories: web development, entertainment, high traffic, voting
    Description: Support their Hyper local department GVA an dHBVL asked Gemango to build an app where news could be distributed to all their (400+) individual local town facebook pages... read more

  • synergix thumb1

    Project title:

    Partners: Synergixtech
    Categories: corporate web development
    Description: Singapore based Synergixtech asked Gemango to build their new corporate website, updated with site support... read more

  • winjefeet thumb1

    Project title: Win je buurtfeest

    Partners:,, Concentra, Mediahuis
    Categories: web development, entertainment, high traffic, voting
    Description: HBVL, the local newspaper in Belgium was giving a promo where groups could win a party for their local group/street, etc... read more

  • keytrade thumb1

    Project title: Keytrade Bank free wifi

    Partners: Keytrade Bank, Leo burnett, Telenet
    Categories: web development, mobile
    Description: To promote the launch of their new iPad banking application, Keytrade bank set up a campaign in several Belgium train stations where it would offer free wifi for all mobile users commuting and waiting in the train stations in more

  • Verkiezingsslag-be thumb1

    Project title:

    Partners: Cardino, N-VA Limburg
    Categories: Entertainment, Social
    Description: Advertisement budgets for local elections in Belgium are regulated by law and limits the candidates' exposure. Together with Cardino, Gemango developed a game to give several political candidates exposure in a social more

  • Dwars-Door-Hasselt-2012 thumb1

    Project title: Het Belang Van Limburg Dwars Door Hasselt Picture Tagging

    Partners: Het Belang van Limburg
    Categories: Encoding, real time picture tagging
    Description: The HBVL Dwars Door Hasselt running event had not less than 12,000 participants of which more than 6,000 people reached the finish. The goal of HBVL was to set up a system where you can find yourself or others by name on a more

  • minister thumb1

    Project title: Ministerie van Ideeën

    Partners: Ministerie van Ideeën, VIER (SBS Belgium )
    Categories: Web Development, Community Platform
    Description: Ministerie van Ideeën is a Belgium Crowd funding platform to support and operated by Eco pioneers that challenge current society and common practices. The platform is built on Drupal more

  • goudengids-thumb1


    Project title: Google adWords Training Truck roadshow

    Partners: Square Melon, Happiness Brussels
    Categories: web development
    Description: As most business have very little time to attend a workshop, Google and decided to visit their customers in their more

  • GVA-tagging-thumb4

    Project title: AGazet Van Antwerpen 10 Miles Picture tagging

    Partners: Gazet Van Antwerpen
    Categories: Encoding, picture tagging
    Description: The GVA Antwerp 10-mile running event had not less than 23,000 participants of which more than 12,000 people reached the finish. Thus, more than 12,000 pictures were taken by several photographers at the finish more

  • Keil-Wilders-uit-het-binnenhof thumb1

    Project title: Keil Wilders uit het binnenhof

    Partners: Cardino
    Categories: Entertainment, Social
    Description: Gemango Software services Inc. is an outsourcing and offshore service provider specializing in serving the SME markets in Western Europe where we want you to do what the big spenders do without the necessity to spent big. read more

  • heinz-summerbbq-thumb1

    Project title: Heinz Ketchup summer barbeque Facebook application

    Partners: H.J. Heinz, Square Melon
    Categories: web development, entertainment, Facebook
    Description: The success of the 2 previous Heinz Facebook campaigns paved the way to a nice summer quiz to spice up everyone's summer more