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Picture Tagging

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Project title: Het Belang Van Limburg Dwars Door Hasselt Picture Tagging

Partners: Het Belang van Limburg
Categories: Encoding, real time picture tagging
Description: The HBVL Dwars Door Hasselt running event had not less than 12,000 participants of which more than 6,000 people reached the finish. The goal of HBVL was to set up a system where you can find yourself or others by name on a picture...read more


Project title: AGazet Van Antwerpen 10 Miles Picture tagging

Partners: Gazet Van Antwerpen
Categories: Encoding, picture tagging
Description: The GVA Antwerp 10-mile running event had not less than 23,000 participants of which more than 12,000 people reached the finish. Thus, more than 12,000 pictures were taken by several photographers at the finish line...read more