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Project title: Cointreau Fizz Cocktail

Partners: Cointreau, JUSt Agency
Categories: web development, entertainment, high traffic, voting, instagram, mobile
Description: To promote the Cointreau Fizz Cocktail, a promo team would be present on all major events this summer serving Cointreau cocktails from out of a mobile bar... read more

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Project title: Keytrade Bank free wifi

Partners: Keytrade Bank, Leo burnett, Telenet
Categories: web development, mobile
Description: To promote the launch of their new iPad banking application, Keytrade bank set up a campaign in several Belgium train stations where it would offer free wifi for all mobile users commuting and waiting in the train stations in more

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Project title: Het Laatste Nieuws Spelcomputer

Partners: Xpect promo, Het Laatste Nieuws, Studio 100
Categories: Entertainment, mobile
Description: Converting existing games from Studio 100 entertainment company into workable code and assets for the Chinese production facility to make the games into handheld versions.... read more

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Project title: Eye-Twister iPad app (zoek de 8 fouten)

Partners: Laplace, several newspapers worldwide
Categories: web development, entertainment, mobile
Description: For more than 30 years in several newspaper the popular and very recognizable Laplace drawings are printed... read more