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Ministerie van Ideeën

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Ministerie van Ideeën is a Belgium Crowd funding platform to support and operated by Eco pioneers that challenge current society and common practices. The platform is built on Drupal 7 and uses state-of-the-art custom-made modules for community building. People can register and login with normally login or Facebook connect, become members of a specific Minister that runs a business or idea. Ministers can define goals or targets needed for a certain project, people can donate several items and become active members or the group or start the business in their local area. Both admins of the sites and assigned Ministers can moderate the Ministers page and content based on a messaging reporting system. User can create complete user profiles ,link interest, upload pictures and get in touch with other members. All users and Ministers can be found on an active map of Belgium showing their location, memberships and statistics.

The project is supported on a weekly base where a specific Minister is Highligted on Belgium TV in a program called "Plan B' on the new VT4, VIER, part of SBS Belgium.

Technical Specs:
Drupal 7, custom Drupal components, Facebook oAuth
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