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AGazet Van Antwerpen 10 Miles Picture tagging

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The GVA Antwerp 10-mile running event had not less than 23,000 participants of which more than 12,000 people reached the finish. Thus, more than 12,000 pictures were taken by several photographers at the finish line.

The goal of GVA was to set up a system where you could find yourself or others by name on a picture. Having a database with all the participants names and back number, Gemango was asked to assist in tagging all people in the pictures so they could be linked to their respective names.

All 12,000 pictures were posted on a server 10 pm Sunday evening CET time. At 4 am Monday morning in the Gemango office (GMT+8), two teams of eight people started going over each picture to manually tag the pictures to all visible back numbers resulting that by Tuesday morning CET time all pictures were tagged and entered into the system. Everyone could search in the system on their name and all pictures would show up where they were visible in.

Traffic and unique visitors skyrocketed to the picture system, boosting the traffic to the servers limit resulting in a huge success for this campaign.

Again, this is a perfect example of rethinking your resources and how it can result in a success story.

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