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support your runner

Project title: Support Your Runner

Partners: GVA.be Concentra, Mediahuis, Golazo
Categories: web developemnt, entertainment, high traffic
Description: The successful first version of the Support Your Runner system, used in several local marathons in Belgium got an upgrade, both in back and front end... read more

sys thumb1

Project title: Support Your Store

Partners: GVA.be, Concentra, Mediahuis
Categories: web development, entertainment, high traffic
Description: GVA.be did a promo campaign together with local retailers and government to promote local retail stores. Their popular Support your Runner app redesigned to fit... read more

redstarline thumb1

Project title: Red Star Line

Partners: GVA.be, Concentra, Mediahuis, Red star line museum , City of Antwerp, pure-communications
Categories: web development, entertainment, high traffic
Description: To celebrate the opening of the famous Red Star line museum in Antwerp, Gva asked Gemango to create an interface where you could search for... read more

concentra thumb1

Project title: fb.com/gva - hbvl/local

Partners: GVA.be, HBVL.be, Concentra, Mediahuis
Categories: web development, entertainment, high traffic, voting
Description: Support their Hyper local department GVA an dHBVL asked Gemango to build an app where news could be distributed to all their (400+) individual local town facebook pages... read more

winjefeet thumb1

Project title: Win je buurtfeest

Partners: GVA.be, HBVL.be, Concentra, Mediahuis
Categories: web development, entertainment, high traffic, voting
Description: HBVL, the local newspaper in Belgium was giving a promo where groups could win a party for their local group/street, etc... read more

Verkiezingsslag-be thumb1

Project title: Verkiezingsslag.be

Partners: Cardino, N-VA Limburg
Categories: Entertainment, Social
Description: Advertisement budgets for local elections in Belgium are regulated by law and limits the candidates' exposure. Together with Cardino, Gemango developed a game to give several political candidates exposure in a social game...read more

Keil-Wilders-uit-het-binnenhof thumb1

Project title: Keil Wilders uit het binnenhof

Partners: Cardino
Categories: Entertainment, Social
Description: Gemango Software services Inc. is an outsourcing and offshore service provider specializing in serving the SME markets in Western Europe where we want you to do what the big spenders do without the necessity to spent big. read more


Project title: Heinz Ketchup summer barbeque Facebook application

Partners: H.J. Heinz, Square Melon
Categories: web development, entertainment, Facebook
Description: The success of the 2 previous Heinz Facebook campaigns paved the way to a nice summer quiz to spice up everyone's summer barbeque...read more

GVA Support Your Runner thumb1

Project title: Gazet Van Antwerpen 10 Miles Support your Runner

Partners: Gazet Van antwerpen , Golazo
Categories: web development, entertainment
Description: Gazet Van Antwerpen asked Gemango to develop an easy to use system to integrate in their network of websites that would allow a supporting and commenting system for all the people who participated in the famous Antwerp 10 Miles run of which GVA was the main sponsor...read more


Project title: Kwatta Facebook Quiz

Partners: Kwatta, Square Melon
Categories: web development, entertainment, Facebook
Description: To support the launch of their Facebook page, Kwatta, the well known Chocolate producer also setup a small Facebook quiz application. Describe your most original adventure weekend and make a chance to win an adventure weekend...read more


Project title: Heinz Ketchup Prijzenfestival Facebook application

Partners: H.J. Heinz, Square Melon
Categories: web development, entertainment, Facebook
Description: Most people don't know that ketchup can be much more than just an add-on on your plate. It can be a real ingredient for many recipes. Heinz released an amazing book stating all kind of recipes that can be made where ketchup is one of the main ingredients...read more

heinz winterbbq-thumb1

Project title: references-heinz-winterbarbeque-quiz

Partners: H.J. Heinz, Square Melon
Categories:web development, entertainment, Facebook
Description: Heinz, the famous renown ketchup brand started their Belgium Facebook page together with a BBQ Quiz to promote their new Facebook Belgium presence...read more


Project title: She.be Hot or Not dynamic Facebook application CMS

Partners: Concentra, She.be
Categories:web development, entertainment, design services, social media
Description: She.be, a sister website of GVA.be and HBVL.be targeted towards trendy people, was looking for a Facebook promotion system where users... read more

tacx thumb2

Project title: Tacx Arcade 1 game compilation

Partners: Tacx , AIM Productions
Categories:3D programming, entertainment
Description: Gemango was hired to create 3 games in full 3D to be controlled by the famous Tacx Trainer equipment... read more

treasurehunt thumb1

Project title: Treasure Hunt (Schattenjacht)

Partners: Concentra, Het Belang Van Limburg, Provincie Limburg
Categories:web development, entertainment
Description: 'Limburg Zoekt Fiets': a true online treasurehunt application, spot the picture and be the first to collect your price... read more

hlns thumb2

Project title: Het Laatste Nieuws Spelcomputer

Partners: Xpect promo, Het Laatste Nieuws, Studio 100
Categories: Entertainment, mobile
Description: Converting existing games from Studio 100 entertainment company into workable code and assets for the Chinese production facility to make the games into handheld versions.... read more

eyetwister thumbs2

Project title: Eye-Twister iPad app (zoek de 8 fouten)

Partners: Laplace, several newspapers worldwide
Categories: web development, entertainment, mobile
Description: For more than 30 years in several newspaper the popular and very recognizable Laplace drawings are printed... read more