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Community Platform

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Project title:

Categories: High traffic webdev, community platform, the nr.1 entertainment news site in Belgium hired Gemango to build their new platform. Drupal was chosen for the base architecture to create the multiple custom plugins to manage the data... read more

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Project title:

Partners: KU Leuven, Ekonomika Alumni VZW
Categories: web development, community, e-commerce
Description: Gemango was hired to update the Drupal 5 website for the Ekonomika Alumni group form the KUL ( Leuven University). The website and existing data (+ 22.000 members) was upgraded to Drupal 7... read more

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Project title: Ministerie van Ideeën

Partners: Ministerie van Ideeën, VIER (SBS Belgium )
Categories: Web Development, Community Platform
Description: Ministerie van Ideeën is a Belgium Crowd funding platform to support and operated by Eco pioneers that challenge current society and common practices. The platform is built on Drupal more